110 years of Baptist Church life in the West Wallsend area, not forgetting Holmesville, Barnsley and Edgeworth. Quite a milestone has been reached.

                Our anniversary service was attended by regulars who brought with them an attitude of thanksgiving, both in voice and in gifts.

                Michael Tooler shared a message on the value of the Church. It was nice to have his wife and five children with us.

Some Special Moments Included:

-John Oubridge read a poem he had written in honour of our eldest member, Betty Hawkins, 96. Betty was in attendance on the day.

-Savannah Cromarty and Breanalee Parish sang for us.

-Brendalee and daughter Breanalee Parish also sang for us.

-Lillian Price brought photos which stirred memories of past Church fellowship and fun.

-I,  Jim Forbes quoted the following, taken from the Newcastle Herald, dated 12th November 1908.

               "A congregation was formed by West Wallsend Baptist in the year of 1906 and a building commenced around Sept/Oct 1908."

The Newcastle Herald reported the laying of two memorial stones, both made of marble.

              "Mrs H. Priestly, the wife of the president of the First Australasian Baptist Congress, laid the first stone using a silver trowel. She said she hoped the building would be the birth place of many precious souls. 

               Mr F. Searl laid the second stone and said he hoped these two tablets would be the least important stones in the building and that God would raise up many living stones to be set in the building and that His blessing would rest upon the work done there".

Today we are these precious stones.

Today through our gifts, talents and support, we continue the work that began in 1906.

A picnic lunch was held in the grounds after the service.

                  A beautiful day.

                  A lovely place.

                  A family Church.

-Ps. Jim Forbes

Enjoy some photos from the day,

as well as a video of the Anniversary Service!

110th Anniversary Service